How it Works

Selling your beverages with Cellar Link – Marketplace has never been easier since we introduced our Vendor Management Portal (VMP) Software. Get up and selling in 30-60 minutes once your products are stored in one of our partner fulfilment warehouses. Follow our 8-step process below to start selling on Cellar Link – Marketplace today!


1. Store with us

Store with us

Open an account with our partner fulfilment warehouse, Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics and deposit products you wish to store/sell. Learn more about our partner fulfilment warehouses here.

2. Your Vendor account

Your seller account

Create a Cellar Link Vendor account – once your account is verified, all products deposited in warehouse will synchronise with your Vendor account.

3. Sales settings

Sales settings

When logged into your Cellar Link Vendor Account, you will gain access to our VMP software. From here, you can specify which products you would like to list for sale and select which price you would like to market these at. Add bidding automation to your listings for a quicker sale.

4. Expand your sales reach

Expand your sales reach

Choose from a number of additional sales channels, including: SEO packages, advertise using targeted keywords, a branded vendor page, and much more.

5. Start selling!

Start selling

Once you are satisfied with the configuration of your sales settings, you’re ready to start selling on Cellar Link – Marketplace. Adjust your product listings and bids at any time by logging into your Vendor account.

6. Simplified logistics

Simplified Logistics

Through our partner fulfilment warehouse, we provide a fully managed 3PL service which means that each of your orders are picked, packed, and delivered to your consumers – as quickly and safely as possible. VMP provides you with the ability to track and trace each orders’ journey from the warehouse to your customer.

7. Easily analyse your sales data

Easily analyse your sales data

Our VMP software allows you to gain a deeper insight into your sales data through our 360 Degree Analytics. Benchmark your sales data against competitors in the Cellar Link – Marketplace and optimise your listings accordingly.

8. Payment directly into your account

Payment directly into your account

Receive payment for the sales you make on Cellar Link – Marketplace within 5 business days. Access automated tax compliance invoicing and sales/payments reports through your Vendor account at any time.

Choose the right solution for your businessContact us for information about our payment plans and start selling today!

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