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Store with - Partner Fulfilment Warehouses

At Cellar Link – Marketplace, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the ability to easily list their products for sale, and in order to do so, we provide storage for you through our partner fulfilment warehouses. This ensures we know your stock is stored at optimum conditions, is correctly managed and dispatched to your customers accurately and securely; we can also guarantee you benefit from extremely competitive warehousing rates.

Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics

Our partner, Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics specialises in the wine/beverage industry, providing both temperature controlled (12-14 degree) and ambient solutions, combined with bonded warehouses and currently have facilities in warehouses in Australia (Sydney/Melbourne), United Kingdom (Walton-on-Thames and Salisbury), and Hong Kong (Tsing Yi), offers Cellar Link the ability to accommodate both domestic and international vendors within each market.

You can leverage of having one Storage account ‘in country’ but access multiple locations as distribution points, facilitating a faster turnaround and delivery to your end user consumer. You can also use your storage account to facilitate your normal business requirements (of pick pack and re-distribution).

Using Artisan’s heat maps you can see where your customers are located, which works in with VMP to help target and retarget potential consumers, and deal with more efficient logistics.

Artisan Heat Map

Cellar Link has gone to great lengths to provide the best storage and distribution facilities and we trust Artisan's ability to manage your stock. Furthermore, we have negotiated excellent rates specifically for Cellar Link – Marketplace vendors.


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