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We sell beverages. That's our specialty and that's what we do best.


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Who is Cellar Link - Marketplace?

Cellar Link - Marketplace has been trading since 2008 and has become known as the largest stockist of premium Australian wine from the top producers such as Penfolds, Henschke, Leeuwin Estate, d'Arenberg, Two Hands, Wild Duck Creek, Clarendon Hills, and Kay Brothers Amery, plus many more.

Cellar Link - Marketplace now trades in Sydney, London and Hong Kong and also now sells wines from France, Spain, Italy, USA, and from around the world together with whiskies, spirits, beers, and cider.

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Vendor Management Portal

Vendor Management Portal (VMP)

The Vendor Management Portal (VMP) is a cloud-based management platform which empowers business vendors and private vendors alike to access and sell products directly through Cellar Link - Marketplace's online stores in Sydney, London and Hong Kong.

However, VMP is more than a management platform! VMP not only enables vendors the ability to sell, but also provides; access to promotional tools to help market your product, comprehensive sales analytics, heat maps of where your products have sold, and the ability to compare other Vendor sales made on Cellar Link - Marketplace.

VMP is considered to be the No. 1 cloud-based solution for managing the sales of your beverages online. Furthermore, VMP's 360 degree view of your market segment has never before been available to the Beverage industry. Build your brand, reach your sales goals, and understand your customer - all from one platform. 

Become a Cellar Link - Marketplace Vendor and let it be your direct to consumer solution.

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How we work

Sell with Cellar Link - Marketplace

Sell your beverages on Cellar Link – Marketplace and gain access to pre-qualified consumers already buying from our established online stores in Sydney, London and Hong Kong. Start selling at the click of a button through our VMP software.

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Store with - Partner Fulfilment Warehouses

By storing your products with our partner fulfilment warehouses, you can benefit from highly efficient fulfilment processes, the ability to track and trace orders, and trust that extra care has been taken to ensure your products are delivered safely.

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Your Marketing Team

Our sophisticated VMP software has the ability to play a multitude of marketing roles that are vital to your organisation – at a fraction of the price. Reach your business goals without the looming expense of hiring an entire marketing team.

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360 Degree Analytics

VMP provides you with unparalleled analytics to assist in the monitoring of your sales. Compare your sales against competitors, analyse up to 10yrs of Marketplace data, and much more. Analysing your sales data has never been easier.

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What our customers say

Don't just take our word for it - read what our customers have to say about their experience using our VMP software.

Robert Gavick
Using VMP's marketing tools, we have seen a 230% growth in our Marketplace sales in only 2 months! We're excited as to what the future will bring.
Paulina Nowakowska
VMP has allowed our small business to grow substantially in a short amount of time due to the deeper understanding its analytics provides.
Tomasz Dziuda
As a brand manager of a successful winery, I would rate Cellar Link - Marketplace's VMP software as 110%! Truly revolutionary.

Register for an account today for $1 Register and start selling your beverages on Cellar Link - Marketplace

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